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Dr. Mike Spearman was suffering with chronic headaches and backaches by the age of 21. 

The numerous sports activities he was involved in had a painful cumulative effect on his body and sense of well being. He was able to overcome these physical problems with natural treatments under chiropractic and nutritional rehabilitative care.

In addition to treating patients using various techniques of chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Spearman performs nutritional evaluations and provides individualized nutrition programs for the further rehabilitation of patients’ health. Dr. Spearman’s interest in nutrition dates back to making homemade granola for backpacking trips in his teens. He has studied nutrition in chiropractic college, through independent research and practical application, and by attending numerous professional seminars.

After several years in practice as a chiropractor, Dr. Spearman, developed an adjustment technique (Structural Stability Technique) that greatly improved the stability of results for certain patients. These patients found that they then required fewer chiropractic visits to maintain their muscular-skeletal health.

Dr. Spearman earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Los Angeles Chiropractic College (part of Southern California University of Health Sciences) in Whittier, California in 1996.

More From Dr. Spearman:

“My services include full-body chiropractic joint adjusting and muscle relaxation techniques. 

I teach a precise set of steps for creating excellent posture that can surprisingly improve many aspects of your life, making it more enjoyable and pain-free. 

In addition, Custom Nutrition Programs create great success with thyroid problems, high blood pressure, and general rundown states. 

I always address a sluggish nervous system, perking it up. This approach can often be remarkable in reducing or eliminating chronic conditions that seem to persist no matter what you do. 

This multipronged approach works remarkably well for patients with improving results associated with combining chiropractic treatment and custom nutrition.”

Dr. Mike Spearman



Chiropractic Doctor & Nutritionist


Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree - Los Angeles Chiropractic College


Founded Spearman Better Health Center in Hollywood, 2001 | Authored essential book “Change Your Posture, Change Your Life” 2010


We accept Non-HMO Medicare and Personal Injury Cases. Please call for more information on your insurance.


Spinal Adjustments, Alignment, Posture Modification

Applied Kinesiology

Muscle Testing, In-Depth Diagnosis


Get To The Root Of Your Symptoms.


Nutritional Plans, Food Sensitivity Tests, Nutritional Supplements

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