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These are common symptoms that patients complain of. More often than not gas is easily handled. Bloating tends to be more involved, but not always. Obviously a healthy diet is important in any address to recover health. There are numerous possible diagnoses that could add up to bloating and gas. If you have had the symptom for a short time then recovery can be very easy. Chronic problems can be very difficult and involved. That should make sense. Chronic problems often overstimulate the sympathetic nervous system. This means that because the condition does not go away the body can never relax from the condition. When the body cannot relax the adrenal glands pump out hormones to fight the invisible invader. These hormones suppress the immune system and they suppress digestion as they are in battle. If you were fighting an enemy right now obviously you would not want to eat or regulate the body. It gears itself to attack. The attack causes inflammation and the inflammation is actually part of an immune attack but the immune system is suppressed by the stress of the attack. What a ball of wax or Gordian knot. Bloating is a symptom of this many things going on.

So if you get gas or a little bloating or digestive distress address it before it becomes a chronic condition as it becomes complicated to return normal function. Chiropractic adjustments can calm down the sympathetic nervous system. There are detox reflexes and blood flow reflexes that can get shut off and each of these can be checked and turned on again. Every organ has its own reflexes and the digestive system has several organs from stomach to colon and rectum, the pancreas and the immune system. Various foods and supplements can ease the irritation and inflammation and others can improve each organ function. Gut infections may need to be calmed down. These can vary from simple bacterial overgrowth in an overly alkaline gut to candida fungus to parasites of various kinds. There are very special supplements and or herbs that can address different kinds of infection. For example we use 4 very special supplements that kill this off even if you have had trouble getting success before.

To get back to simple excess gas, this is often caused by putrefaction of the fat in the digestive tract. This comes about when not enough bile is released into the upper small intestine. the bile helps in fat digestion. This is easily addressed by getting the bile to thin and flow out of the gall bladder and liver more easily. This is the easy handling for digestive complaints. Give us a call for a simple supplement program of minor persistent gas. For more complex digestive complaints come in for a series of visits.


Dr. Mike Spearman

Dr. Mike Spearman - Los Angeles Chiropractor
Dr. Mike Spearman - Los Angeles Chiropractor


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“But Dr. Spearman, stuck joints are not healthy.” Precisely, Watson! Much of the travail that people experience is because it is not routine in our