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The dentists have done a good job at getting us to do brushing, teeth cleaning and cavity filling. Numerous people neglect their teeth anyway. I hear from people saying they need $10,000 or $20,000 worth of dental work. Wow!

Most people have 28 teeth. Chiropractors have not done as good a job teaching us about joint decay. Most of us have seen our own decayed teeth but what does a decayed, degenerated joint look like? Well, we never get to see one, do we? Out of sight, out of mind. But you have seen some signs of decayed joints through the skin. We have seen rheumatoid arthritis – the hands are twisted. This is a special kind of degenerated joint. We have seen the person with his/her upper back arched like a hunch back. This involves several degenerated joints and osteoporosis, leading to collapsed spinal vertebrae. We have seen fingers that bulge out at the knuckles which is an indication of osteoarthritis.  We have seen bunions twisting big toes. These are all degenerated, decayed joints. Knee replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery are solutions to degenerated joints.

In the spine, the discs can atrophy and irritate nerves and muscles and other joints, but it is all, more or less, hidden by your skin, muscles and other tissues. While knees and hip joints can be replaced, spinal joints can’t be replaced. They can be repaired surgically to varying degrees of success or lack of success.  Spinal x-rays most often show degeneration at the base of the spine and in the neck.

When a joint sticks, it usually does not hurt. But it starts to decay or degenerate in two weeks once it sticks. When several joints stick, we start to get discomfort or pain. When I adjust someone who complains of neck pain, I find 5 or 6 or 8 stuck joints in the overall spine and pelvic areas. If I check the whole body, there will be several more in the elbow, foot, etc., yet the person only has neck pain. So, stuck joints usually don’t hurt, they just slowly decay and like ostriches with their heads in the sand we do not notice. By the time we are 50 or 60 years old the degeneration has become so significant that improvement is only partially possible.  At this point we have slipped in to pain management and prevention is secondary.  Recovery and rejuvenation is probably only partial.  Dr. Aprad De Nagy of the Rockefeller Institute said “Chiropractic care should begin at birth on a preventative basis.”    

The moral of the story is “act now with an eye to a happy future.”  I said that. It is cheaper in the long run to maintain health than to try to fix degenerated health. This applies to our bodies, our cars, our houses and anything we own. In chiropractic, we tell people to get adjustments to find and loosen up the stuck joints we have accidentally created over the last few weeks or months. Most chiropractors also have very high quality supplements for joint health such as Ligaplex, Trace Minerals B12, Inflavanoid, Fish Liver Oil or other oils that work well for the individual.  For osteoarthritis there are 8 or 10 supplements.  For osteoporosis there are 8 or 10 supplements.  The ones that will work for the individual can be detected and used.  

Now we say, “Why can’t I just take care of it myself?” We can but we will still get stuck joints unless we devote our whole life to stretching and avoiding demanding physical situations. Even yoga teachers need adjusting some times.

The real truth is man does not live alone, nor does he survive alone. I invite you to get a chiropractic visit soon. If you come to see me and there are no stuck joints, the visit is free. You may only need a 5 or 10-minute visit and those are offered at a discounted price. Sometimes we do double visits and these are more. Call 323-663-1066 for an appointment today.

Dr. Mike Spearman

Dr. Mike Spearman - Los Angeles Chiropractor
Dr. Mike Spearman - Los Angeles Chiropractor


These are common symptoms that patients complain of. More often than not gas is easily handled. Bloating tends to be more involved, but not always.


The “subluxation complex” is a very specialized term to begin with. It is peculiar to the chiropractic profession. Chiropractors do almost all of the bone