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I am working on a patient who was in a traffic accident. She is almost completely better. However she came in this morning and she had picked up a kidney infection. She had a bit of a history for a past infection years ago. So I checked her out for a “kidney detoxification circuit breaker” (neurological reflex) that had gotten switched off. Sure enough the reflex was off based on a particular muscle test and the muscle was weak to resistance on the right and left sides of the body. We turned the reflex back on by stimulating the exact parts on the skin where the reflex is located. 6 spots to be precise. Then we rechecked the weak muscles and they were strong again. Total voodoo right?!!!! Well not really. Just because this is beyond what orthodox medicine will acknowledge and perhaps what you will acknowledge does not invalidate that these conditions exist and can be improved. There are many health benefits beyond what orthodox medicine can achieve and there are some cool benefits orthodox medicine can achieve. Anyway, she also needed a particular supplement that helps the kidneys to detox. She is already on an antibiotic. She also does homeopathic and acupuncture treatments from time to time so you can see someone like her would be probably receptive to what we found and corrected.

As for apples this lady originally was from Romania and when she first came to America many years ago someone gave her an apple and she would not eat it. Her friend asked her why and she said it has no smell and apples should have a smell. Only in America do apples not smell. Now, if you go to buy some apples that were grown organically, and perhaps were not waxed then they would have a smell. Our orthodox food system like our orthodox medicine system seems to have some weaknesses. Many studies have looked at the nutrition in organically grown vs. commercially grown vegetables. We like organically grown foods and natural health care. Well, simply what we do is known as conservative health care and organic foods are conservatively grown.


Dr. Mike Spearman

Dr. Mike Spearman - Los Angeles Chiropractor
Dr. Mike Spearman - Los Angeles Chiropractor


These are common symptoms that patients complain of. More often than not gas is easily handled. Bloating tends to be more involved, but not always.


The “subluxation complex” is a very specialized term to begin with. It is peculiar to the chiropractic profession. Chiropractors do almost all of the bone