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THIS YEAR'S FLU -  2014-2015

The nutritional, herbal, homeopathic remedies that are working against the flu this year are different from what has worked the past few years. This year’s flu looks like this in a fairly healthy person: Most people get a sore throat and an annoying cough. These are the most noticeable effects. Some get a fever briefly, some have sinus involvement.

The above description is based on people who are patients of mine. Most have good diets and have done custom nutritional supplement programs in the past, so these people are generally healthier than the average person and their symptoms tend to be less severe. Fevers are rare and achy joints are practically non-existent in my group though, these are common flu symptoms. The cough, unfortunately, can persist for a long time, sometimes for months.

I have found something that helps bring it to an end for my patients. If you suffer from the above symptoms, come and see me. 

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